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Colostrum Collector Combo

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The Colostrum Collector Combo consists of 5x Honey & Nut Lactation Bars, 10x 10ml syringes and a single MamaMoo Maxima Silicone breast pump.

Silicone Breast Pump

Our silicone breast pump is your affordable, convenient, cordless, soundless, handbag sized, super soft 100% silicone pumping solution.

The pump uses natural suction to express breast milk. Simply squeeze gently and attach to your breast and let it work its magic. To use it while breastfeeding, nurse on the one breast and simultaneously attach the pump to the lateral breast to catch any let-down that would otherwise be lost in your nursing pad.

It comes with a 100% spill proof lid to allow ideal temporary storage without ever crying over spilled milk.

Honey & Nut Lactation Bars

Made to support your breastfeeding journey, our anti-colic lactation bars have been formulated to be as gentle on your and your baby's digestive system as possible.

It does not contain any
-cane sugar
-lactose or

This means that the natural ingredients that are used will not cause any food sensitivity reactions or digestive problem such as bloating, cramps or gas.

Our lactation bars are wholesome and nutritious snacks for both mothers and their milk supply. Our ingredients include Oats, Brown Rice Syrup, Honey, Coconut Oil, Almond pieces, Sesame seeds, Cocoa powder, Poppy seeds, Brewers yeast, Fenugreek, Vanilla, Fennel, and Himalayan Salt.

The bars can be consumed daily as a breakfast bar, meal replacement or a convenient on-the-go snack.

Sold in a box of 5x 45g bars.

Allergies: Gluten, Sesame Seeds and Tree Nuts. Product produced in a facility that processes Eggs, Peanuts, Milk, Soya, Tree Nuts, Gluten and Sesame Seeds.

Warning: Fenugreek is not suitable for mothers with diabetes and thyroid problems. Please consult a registered healthcare practitioner if you unsure whether you can consume them.

Note: Only start consuming our lactation bars from birth and not while pregnant.


Our pre-sterilized, individually packed syringes is perfect for harvesting and freezing your colostrum. Pack it in your hospital bag to ensure that you don't waste a drop of colostrum during the first week after birth.

Sold as 10 individually packed 10ml syringes.

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