Hello, Supermom! Starting your freezer stash is painless and super easy if you are doing it the right way. Even if you have no idea how your body will be capable of not only producing enough breast milk to feed your little one, but now have to “over produce” so that you have even more milk to freeze as well, don’t worry! You have got this! So without further adieu, here’s how to start your breast milk freezer stash in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Increasing your breast milk supply

I can’t stress this very first point enough – you FIRST have to increase your milk supply BEFORE you start with your freezer stash. I can’t tell you how many mothers contact me saying that they pump out in the morning, freeze that milk, and their baby looks hungry for the rest of the day. Well, yes. If you freeze your little one’s milk, what is he supposed to drink? Freezer stash building should be the opposite way around – baba gets milk first and whatever is left will go into the freezer. Always.

So the golden question is, how do you make more milk than what your baby is drinking? That’s where we come in. Your body uses your oxytocin and prolactin hormones to produce breast milk. Our bars stimulate those exact to hormones, stimulating your breast milk production to make more milk. Clever, right?

So how do you get started? Easy. Eat one lactation bar a day. That’s it. Your milk will increase from day one, but don’t get the pump out yet. Take 2 – 4 days for your supply to increase enough that your breasts feel full or when the alternate breast starts leaking during a let down when breastfeeding.

Step 2: Start pumping

The easiest way to start your breast milk freezer stash is to pump out during the very first feed of the day. Your body produces more prolactin during the night, which means that you produce more breast milk. Your breasts will be the fullest when you wake up, thus why we will use that advantage.

As soon as your child wakes up, simply breastfeed on the one breast and simultaneously pump the alternate breast. Take the breast milk collected from pumping and temporarily store it or freeze it directly.

Still leaking with each feed during the rest of the day? Fantastic! Collect that milk too by using the MamaMoo Silicone Breast pump. Read all about it below.

I don’t have an electric/manual pump or can’t afford one, what now?

This is the part where I introduce the MamaMoo Maxima Silicone breast pump. It honestly changed my breastfeeding journey and the reason why I decided to stock it. It’s made from food grade silicone, is so super soft, easy to pump with while breastfeeding, doesn’t require a battery or electricity at all and simply uses a suction power to draw your milk out. I have an electric pump and still use the silicone pump 2-3 times per day. Best part? IT’S AFFORDABLE! And if you are planning on having more children, it will go a very long way.

To use it, simply place it over your breast, squeeze gently and release to create a suction. The best way to utilize the pump is when breastfeeding. A baby creates a let down that no pump can, so collect every drop by placing it on the alternate breast with every feed.

Step 3: Freezing your breast milk

Breast milk can either be frozen in storage bags or in storage cups. Storage bags are a great space saver if you have limited freezer space, but can only be used once. Storage cups take up more space in your freezer, but can be use multiple times – just sterilize it before every use.

Make sure that your breast milk is fresh when you freeze it, ie freeze your breast milk the same day as when you’ve pumped it. If you are pumping multiple times during the day for your stash, you can temporarily store each pumping session’s milk separately at the back of your fridge (NOT in the door) until the last session’s milk has completely cooled down. Add all the milk together, write the date on the storage unit and freeze it. Breast milk can be safely stored up to 4 months in a freezer.

Rotating your freezer stash

Now although breast milk can be safely stored for up to 4 months in your freezer, you should keep in mind that your breast milk changes as your baby grows. This means that your milk will change in taste and nutrients to adapt to your child’s changing nutritional needs.

I will personally not let milk get older than 3 weeks in my freezer to avoid my child refusing to drink older breast milk that now tastes different. You can simply rotate your freezer stash by replacing a feed with the oldest milk and your freezer and pump during that time to replace the milk that you took out.

That’s it mama! Get started on that stash and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are struggling.

Much love,


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