Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks

1: Pumping When Your Baby Is Sick

 If your baby is sick, your breast milk will be full of antibodies to help combat the illness. If you pump, write the symptoms of your child on the storage bag and save it in the freezer (can be stored up to a year at the bottom of a deep freezer).

If your child or any siblings show the same symptoms in the future, and you have stopped breastfeeding, you still have liquid gold medicine to help them get better.

2: Day Milk VS Night Milk

Did you know that your breast milk composition changes throughout the day? Your milk produced in the morning is very different to your milk produced at night. Breast milk produced in the day has much more cortisol (that promotes alertness) than night milk, and night milk has much more melatonin in (that promotes sleep).

If you pump for your freezer stash, clearly label when your milk was pumped so you know when the best time during the day will be to give that milk at a later stage.

3: Saving Colostrum in Syringes

Did you know that you can use the silicone pump to collect colostrum (even at the hospital still!)? So pack one in your hospital bag.

Buy syringes to save the colostrum in. Once you defrost breast milk, you have to use it within 24hours, so don’t save it in one big container. Rather save it in 10ml syringes and place it at the bottom or back of your freezer. If your baby or a sibling gets sick in the future, you have the world’s best liquid gold medicine for them.

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