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How long will it take increase my breast milk supply?

As each mother’s body react differently, some moms will notice an major increase in their breast milk within 24 hrs and some will only gradually see an increase each day for 7 days.

How much of the product should I consume to increase my breast milk supply? 

Only one lactation bar per day. You can ‘double up’ by consuming one in the morning and one in the evening to see faster results, but you have to consume at least one lactation bar daily for a period of two weeks to allow your body to produce the maximum desired or required volume of breast milk independently.

Is there a limit to the amount of bars I can consume per day?

You are more than welcome to “double up” by consuming a bar every 12 hours to see faster results, but we would not recommend consuming more than three lactation bars per day. Some of its ingredients have natural detoxing properties and might result in a happy colon, but a very unhappy mom.

When can I start using the product? 

If you are having a natural birth, the lactation bars can be used from the first labor contractions, so pack 3-4 in your hospital bag. If you are having a planned c-section, consume one lactation bar 24 hours BEFORE your last meal for the birth, a second bar 12 hours before your last meal prior to the birth and a third bar with your last meal. A fourth bar can be consumed with your first meal after the birth. Once your colostrum is properly in, the bars can be used during the growth spurts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks.  Do NOT consume the product when pregnant.

Do I need to consume a bar every day for as long as I breastfeed? 

Not at all. It’s packed in a box of 15 bars for the following reason:

The first 7 lactation bars/ 7 days help to increase your breast milk supply and stabilize your maximum volume per feed or pumping session. The last 8 bars/8 days help your body to start producing the stabilized volume independently. Once the box is finished, you should be able to continue to produce the amount of breast milk without any bars or supplements, as long as you remove the produced volume completely with each feed by breastfeeding and/or pumping.

When is the best time to have the bars? 

There isn’t an optimal time during the day to have your lactation bar. Just ensure that you have it the same time every day, ie every morning or every afternoon. Don’t have them more than 24 hours apart.

Which type of bar should I use and when? 

We have two different bars with two very different functions.

Our Blueberry and Dark Chocolate Pregnancy, Postpartum and Lifestyle support collagen bars assist with your PREGNANCY and POSTPARTUM nutritional needs. This can be used from preconception until your old age. It supports ALL stages of motherhood.

Our Honey and Nut Lactation Bars are made for BIRTH and BREASTFEEDING. They are the bars that you pack in your hospital and use to increase your milk supply. These are your miracles milk makers.

You can alternative between the two after birth when breastfeeding when you already established a healthy milk supply with the lactation bars. BOTH are anti-colic and won’t cause any digestive problems.