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Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Collagen Bars for pregnancy support
Pregnancy Tea to strengthen your body for birth & heal it postpartum
Honey & Nut Lactation Bars to increase milk supply

Welcome to Milk Lactation Products ™

Milk Lactation Products has been developed to provide a helping hand to all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Whether it’s consuming collagen to support your growing baby, increasing your breast milk supply, helping your body to produce and bring in colostrum for the first time during birth, consuming crucial nutrients, or just enjoying a guilt-free snack that’s been specially formulated for mom and baby, we strive to enhance your motherhood experience every (baby) step of the way.




need to take control over your milk supply?

15 x Honey & Nut Lactation Bars
30 x Honey & Nut Lactation Bars
5 x Honey & Nut Lactation Bars
Single Honey & Nut Lactation Bars

Did you know that we only use the best available ingredients for our bars? We even sweeten with brown rice syrup and honey instead of cane sugar to ensure the highest quality products and its anti-colic effects.


What our moms have to say:

“I have seen a drastic increase in my milk supply and I am so happy. I will admit that I was sceptical at first. I however have now seen that I can fill up a bottle of 125ml at one go. This makes me confident that going back to work will be a tad bit easier for me. My anxiety levels are down and I just want to say you have gained a permanent client in me.”

– Gugu Yako

“This is by far the best lactation bar out there. I have tried every one on the market and this one is the healthiest and tastiest. Thank you for creating an awesome product that really helps to increase milk supply but does not cause upset stomach for baby”

– Christelle Kriel

“I love love the lactation bars, they saved me. I couldn’t breastfeed for long with my first child because of not having enough milk but now I have more than enough and thanks to you and my sister who bought me the first pack. Its really making the breastfeeding journey easier

– Kabelo Tlhahla











If there’s one thing that pushes every single one of my buttons and that I will get into a screaming match about, is a mom being told that she needs to supplement with formula because her “breast milk is not nutritious enough.”  Read this very carefully: Just because your mom,..


Breastfeeding should not hurt. Ever. Yes, the first week is usually difficult when you and your little one are figuring it out. But if you have dry, cracked or just sore nipples after that, she’s not latching correctly. We all make the mistake of pushing through the pain, thinking it’s…
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